How to Wind Your Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

The Rolex GMT-Master II is one of Rolex’s most iconic watches, originally gaining fame in the late 1950s among pilots and people working across different time zones. Known for its distinctive blue and red bezel combination, the GMT-Master II has become a highly desirable piece. Over the years, Rolex has introduced various color combinations, including red and black, blue and black, all black, dark and light brown, and more recently, black and dark grey and black and green.

Whether you choose the sporty oyster bracelet or the elegant classic jubilee, the Rolex GMT-Master II remains a remarkable watch. However, setting the time for multiple time zones can be challenging. Today, we will explain how to properly wind and set your Rolex GMT-Master II.

Understanding the Features of the Rolex GMT-Master II

Before we dive into the winding process, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the various features of the Rolex GMT-Master II. This watch can display three time zones simultaneously, thanks to its distinctive 24-hour rotatable bezel and an additional GMT hand.

Steps to Wind Your Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

Step 1: Unscrew the Crown

The crown is located on the right side of the watch case unless you have the newer left-handed GMT-Master II. The crown is typically screwed tightly to ensure 100 meters of water resistance. To begin, gently unscrew the crown by turning it counterclockwise until it springs out. This is known as position 1.

Step 2: Wind the Watch

In position 1, you can wind the watch. Turn the crown clockwise in a slow, smooth motion. About 20 to 30 full turns are usually sufficient to fully wind the watch. Be careful not to overwind, as this can damage the movement.

Step 3: Setting the Time and Date

After winding the watch, you can proceed to set the time and date. Pull the crown out to the second position (position 2) to set the date, and to the third position (position 3) to set the time.

  • Setting the Date: Turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on your watch model) to set the date.
  • Setting the Time: Pull the crown to position 3 and turn it to adjust the hour and minute hands to the desired time.

Step 4: Setting the GMT Hand

To set the GMT hand, use the 24-hour rotatable bezel. Rotate the bezel to align with the correct GMT time. The GMT hand can be set independently to display a second time zone.

Step 5: Secure the Crown

Once you have set the time, date, and GMT hand, push the crown back in and screw it tightly clockwise to ensure it is secure. This maintains the watch’s water resistance and protects the internal components.

Additional Tips

Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

  • Regular Wear: Wearing your Rolex GMT-Master II regularly will keep it wound and maintain its accuracy.
  • Storage: If you don’t wear the watch for an extended period, consider using a watch winder to keep it running.
  • Maintenance: Regular servicing by an authorized Rolex service center will ensure your watch remains in optimal condition.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Rolex GMT-Master II remains accurate and functional, ready to accompany you across multiple time zones. Proper winding and setting are essential to preserve the quality and performance of this iconic timepiece.

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